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These factory issued postcards are from the collection of Ben Walker.

Postcards 1947-1949

Postcards 1949-1953

Postcards 1953-1954

Factory issued sales literature is very collectible. Some folks are happy to collect sales items for their own car while others would like to own at least one of everything published!

Autumn is a Frolic - 1949 Frazer Manhattan

Most Important New Car in America - 1951 Henry J

Fashion Series Folder - New In Ben Walker's Collection!

1951 Frazer Vagabond - Mortuary Car (New In BW Collection)

1952 Kaiser Manhattan Dealer Invitation

1951 Henry J Fashion Academy Award

If you have any interest at all in collecting magazine ads for KF products, you need to visit Jim Betts' KF Ads & More pages. He has pictures of almost all KF ads known to have been printed. And he buys/sells/trades them. Be sure to BOOKMARK this page so you can return after a visit with Jim.

KF Ads & More

Interested in collecting Darrins? You can afford the toy versions!

Toy Darrins

Ben Walker has a Website devoted to his K-F literature collection. Be sure to bookmark this site and go for a visit with Ben's KFNut Page.

The KFNut Page


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