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These are the WebPages of KFOCI members that are available at this time.

Jim Bartley--Jim is a relatively new member and lives in (or is it on?) the Canadian Province of Prince Edward Island.

Jim Betts--Jim is a very active collector and organizer of KF magazine ads and other KF items. He resides in the apple producing region of Washington. He is the Editor of the Pacific Northwest Traveler newsletter.

Adrian Birrer-- Adrian lives in Switzerland and has attended several KFOCI conventions in the US.

Bill Brown -- Bill's located in Utah and restores Kaiser Frazer automobiles.

Jim Brown--Jim is a long time KFOCI member and he currently has a nice 53 Corsair!

Mark Chapman is new to the club and he's restoring a nice 55 Willys.

Jack Edwards--Jack lives in Houston and details installing a 6 volt alternator on his Henry J at his site.

Doug Eilers has 19 photo albums with cars primarily from the Northwest and some models at two locations: Albums #1 .

Mano Forsman is a fellow KFOCI member who lives in Sweden. Check out his web page!

Kory Fox--Kory is restoring a 48 Kaiser that belonged to both his dad and his grandfather.

Harold Hagen--Harold is a long-time member of the Club who maintains the KF Registry and is the writer of the Handbook.

Mike Hazel--Mike is a relatively new member and has always loved Henry Js which are featured at his page.

Claes Hermansson owns a couple of Kaisers. He hails from Sweden and has done a fine job of restoring his cars!

Dave Hollen has been a Kaiser collector for many years. He lives next door to his uncle's former KF dealership. Some guys have all the luck!

Chuck and Betty Hucker from Indiana share a website for both of their hobbies. Chuck plans to restore his 1955 Kaiser, the last one to come off the production line in Toledo, Ohio.

Henry Jalowiec--Henry's grandson built this site to show off grandpa's Darrin.

James Killian--James is restoring a Darrin and it is pictured on this site.

Jim Lape--Jim was a member when he was a kid and still likes KF and Willys cars today!

Rick and Dawne Lay--Rick and Dawne are very active in both KFOCI and AACA. Some nice KF cars are on their site!

Mitch Lewis--Mitch has pictures of cars he has owned and some nice toys as well!

Tom Morganti--Tom lives in New England and built a 1949 Frazer Manhattan hardtop. KF didn't build an "official" one, but Tom did! Take a look.

Hal Naumann--Hal is the former Manager of the South Central Region of KFOCI.

Mike Neubecker--Mike has taken on a very ambitious restoration of a 1954 Kaiser Manhattan and is keeping a log of his progress at this Website--"The Manhattan Project." Mike has restored a 1949 Kaiser Traveler and the restoration is documented at his Traveler Website.

Randy Owen--Randy and wife Nell are active in a number of car clubs. Randy has been the prime mover behind getting the KFW Chat Group organized at The Auto Channel. Visit the KF chatters using the message boards under the 'Chat' link.

Larry Stradt--Larry has Kaisers, Henry J's, Studebakers, and cats as pets! Larry also has photo albums for 1947-55 Kaiser-Frazer (more than 900 pics), 1951-54 Henry J (more than 450 pics), 1952-53 Allstate (more than 60 pics), Aero and Willys (more than 375 pics).

Tom Stradt--Tom (known as Henry J on the chat circuit) has Kaisers, Henry J's, Studebakers, and computers as his pets. He was recently elected Vice President of the KFOCI. Tom has several photo albums with pics of assorted cars and car meets.

Alan Thomas--Alan recently purchased a restored 1951 Henry J to replace the one he lost in a fire. He lives in Austin which makes him one of the South Central Region members.

Tom Turner--Tom has a Traveler that he's justifiably proud of and he lives in upstate New York.

Allan Vetter  -- New members Allan and Phyllis have a webpage dedicated to the restoration of their Kaiser. Take a look!

Ben Walker--Ben has a site dedicated to his KF literature collecting hobby. His goal is to have pictures of all KF (and some Willys) sales literature. Ben is currently Manager of the Souh Central Region of the KFOCI.

Tom Wilson--Tom and others are organizing a new group for Kaiser-Frazer enthusiasts in Michigan. Not yet affiliated with KFOCI, but the organizers are all KFOCI members. Tom has photo albums available for your viewing pleasure of the Amp Car Project and for the Frazer Fraternity. Also available is Tom's collection of photos of the Ypsilanti Heritage Collection.

Please send us your URL if you are a KFOCI member with a WebPage.


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