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Kaiser,  Frazer and Willys Automobiles For Sale

This is a listing of Kaiser, Frazer and Willys built vehicles for sale and wanted. Check the listings for the  vehicle that you've always been looking for. Maybe it's here!

Updated at least once per week.

1953 Henry J Corsair DeLuxe, great condition, all original. Original interior is in pretty good shape, especially the alligator leather but the cloth portion of the setas and the headliner are shot. The body is straight, good paint. Garaged, no rust. 95,000 original miles. Grandson of original owner. Souther California. $4300 OBO. Contact John Waddell at (805) 543-2434 or (rev. 06/30/03)

1951 Kaiser, with 48000 miles, manual transmission, 4 doors, 6 - cyl., VIN K512018668, clear title, 3 speed on the tree, shifts smooth.  The frame rails and pans have no rust, still have the original factory paint on them.   Has a brand new headliner that goes with it. Contact: David , 712-249-5163 or  (06/10/03)

1948 Kaiser AND Frazer.  Both were running about 2 years ago, but have been garaged since.  Need restoration, but most of the parts are accounted for.  Moving and need to get rid of them SOON!  Have no room in new house for them.  Asking $2000 OBO for both (would hate to have to break up the pair, but will if needed).  Houston, TX area.  Email for pictures or call 281-991-3933 for more info.  Ask for Jeff.   (06/26/03)

: 1953 Kaiser Dragon. This car would be an ambitious restoration or a great parts car. The body has the usual KF rust and the vinyl top is but a memory, however there's enough here otherwise to work with. The front sheet metal has been removed and the engine supposedly has had work done to it, but we've never tried to start it. No power steering and no hood, otherwise the car is basically complete.  Best offer near $800 owns this rare diamond in the rough!
Contact Dave Antram at email (rev. 08/01/03)
Early 1947 Frazer Manhattan, restoration started. I've a complete new interior in this car. Seats rebuilt, all new door panels and a new headliner,(as close to original as I could get). The car has an overdrive transmission. I've had too many things to mention rebuilt. The car does run but needs new main bearings.
I've got a lot more invested than I'll ever get out but if a club member wanted to pick up a good California car, I'd let it go for $2800 or best offer. The owners manual says it's a Graham Paige Frazer. Phone (714) 777-5014 or "E Mail" (08/01/03)

1947 (possibly 1948) Kaiser sedan. Picture shown nice looking car (editor). Contact Lou Amodei, South Cleelum, WA. Phone (509) 674-0247 or email at Contact your webmaster for a picture (format would not reproduce well here). (08/15/03)

1947 to 1951 Frazer, Manhattan sedan or Vagabond.  Must be in good condition, drivable, and located West of the Mississippi.  Please contact Jim Meehan at (626) 282-2301. (08/15/03)

Frazer Manhattan or any Frazer car. It doesn't matter what year, color, or mileage. Would like it to be in good condition and able to run well (or close to it). Please contact Frazer at  (06/26/03)

Looking for a 1948 Kaiser.  Solid body, either restored or restorable as long as the body is good.  Want one with original radio and interior.  I can do engine and trans work.   contact Dan Fleck @ 734-428-9455 before 1:15 EST, or at (08/01/03)

1951-53 Kaiser, preferably 2-door, preferably stick.  I don't want a restored car but it needs to be running, not too bad looking and no missing major parts.  I don't want much, do I !!  Oh, also, I'd like it to be on the west coast, since I live in San Jose, Cal.  Call Don at 510-832-5050 or e-mail to

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