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1954 Kaiser Manhattan

bare metal
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This description was supplied by the present owner of this 1954 Kaiser Manhattan--Dave Hollen. "Edgar," as Dave has christened the car, was stripped to the bare metal. The only apparent rust was on the rear wheel wells. The rest of the car was rock solid.
Here we see the floor condition...everything has been wire brushed, vacuumed, coated with POR-15 rust inhibitor, and then primed with epoxy primer. floor
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Note in this picture the glass was not removed...the rubber seals were still intact and did not leak so the decision was made to leave them as is.
Note that the SuperCharger has been removed and a 1953 carb and air cleaner installed. The car is a tad sluggish with this setup...but it is rock solid dependable and runs smooth as glass. motor
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This car was lovingly restored by Don Pribble in Fairmont, IL and he did a magnificent job. The car has placed "Gold" in the Regionals and "Silver" at the Nationals. Had the SuperCharger not been removed the car would have been awarded "Gold" at the National meet. What else can I is a superb example of a 1954 Manhattan.

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