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1953 Kaiser Dragon

53 K Dragon
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This National KFOCI Gold Medal winning 1953 Kaiser Dragon is owned by Richard Bailey of Greenville, Texas. Only 1277 Dragons were built in 1953. These cars had a very extensive list of options including 14 carat gold trim on hood ornament, hood and deck medallions, deck and fender script, and the trunk keyhole cover. This car features Maroon Velvet paint wilth bleached bambu vinyl top.
This hood-up view shows some of the extensive detailing. This car has wire wheels, air conditioning, K-F fog lamps and spot lights, in addition to the "normal" Dragon options. 53 Dragon Detail
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53 Dragon Detail
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The trim is described as maroon on beige Laguna cloth and maroon bambu. The carpet is a special high pile termed Calpoint. The car has plastic seat covers to protect the trim which somewhat obscures the bambu trim in the photo.
This photo shows trunk utilizes the same carpet as the interior (even the glove box got the carpet trim) and the marroon bambu trim along sides and back. 53 Dragon Detail
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