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1951 Kaiser Convertible

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In 1950 when sales were good plans for the 1953 line included a possible Kaiser convertible. Evidently at least two prototypes were built up from 1951 coupes. The car illustrated, owned by Ed Hausgen, is the only known survivor. The car was originally yellow, but the car and wire wheels had been painted blue by the time Ed purchased the car. Over the years a large number of Kaisers have been customized into convertibles. Many of these are just hack jobs, but the great styling of the 51s holds up well in the top down mode!

Pinconning Special

The only factory built pre-1951 two door KF car is the unique Pinconning Special. This car was built for the handicapped wife of Ed Hunt, who was in charge of the KF production line. The rear doors were welded shut and the seams were filled in. Only a single front seat for the driver is provided and the rear seat is a unique U-shape. The car has been referred to as the conference car. Today it is part of the display at the National Automobile Museum in Reno, Nevada. For many years it was part of the fabulous Harrah's Automobile Collection. Pinc. Sp. Thumbnail
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